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At CAT, we strive to use materials and processes that impact on the environment. All of our products, from furniture to big projects, are all built out from sustainable forests.
Virtually all of the products we produce is finished, not only because it looks great, but because it increases its durability and ensures that it can be enjoyed for many generations. Here at CAT, we have undergone various improvements to our facilities and practices to continuously meet.
We also updated our exhaust system so that it filters and reduces concentrations of overspray more effectively, further reducing our ecological footprint.
The CAT Team

For those that seek an environmentally conscious furniture without sacrificing quality, the answer is right in your back yard, at CAT.


Wood Resources

Recognizing the negative impact that careless and illegal logging can have on the local and global environment, CAT Egypt makes sure that the lumber we use is harvested from properly managed forests, one of the Earth's most renewable resources.

  • North American lumber such as Oak wood, Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, ...etc harvested from forests of the United States or Canada by wood vendors that meet strict local, state and national standards for forest management. 
  • Pine wood and plywood used in main frames and kitchen cabinets is from Scandinavia. Scandinavian countries are well known for being very strict in the field of forest sustainability  
  • MDF and block board used in drawers and inner parts from Indonesian forests.  These plantations have existed for many years and are carefully managed, providing an important economic activity that offers opportunities for villagers that do not involve destroying existing primary forests cropland conversion, grazing, or timber harvesting.

Waste Sorting

In CAT Egypt, we make sure that the garbage and metal waste collectors sort our industry waste to be sold again to recycling factories

• Wood Waste

Wood waste is sorted by our workers depending on the thickness, width, and length. Some of it can be used again in our production and the rest is sold as firewood or used in shoes industry, or in the clothing pins industry, arabesque factories, local block board factories


• Wood Dust

As well as our products being environmentally friendly, our scrap is as well. Any wood dust is sold to be shipped to local farms to be used as bedding for horses, cattle, and chicken farms, or flooring of the famous local food koshary restaurants


• Carton and Paper

The CAT family works to minimize our daily impact on the environment. All of our packing cartons contain are from recycled content. All of our catalogs and marketing materials and paper used in our offices are from recycled paper. We make sure as well that our waste collectors sort again the carton and paper to be shipped to recycling factories

• Paint Buckets and Metal Waste

The paint buckets are sold again to Paints suppliers to be refilled again and the metal waste from nails, screws, ...etc are sold to metal recycling factories
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